Google issued a blog post earlier this week announcing the launch of Google Instant for those users logged in to their Google account.

The idea behind the new search feature is to save us time as we apparently type too slow. Google claim they’ll be saving us 11 hours every second – that’s quite a claim. I’d love to be able to fit 11 hours into 1 second.

So now when you begin to type your search query into the search field, Google will try to guess what you’re looking for and show you the search results before you have chance to finish typing and hit enter. Their hope is that you’ll find what you’re looking for in their suggested search results much quicker.

This all sounds like a good idea – I’m all for time saving features – but what will this mean for search marketers? In theory, this would lead to an increase in impressions, but that doesn’t necessarily mean an increase in click throughs. Google hasn’t mentioned whether they will be showing sponsored listings with Google Instant, but it would make sense to them if the traditional search results pages become redundant by Google Instant. Google Adwords advertisers may well see a change in their impressions and click through rates and it’s unclear at this time what affect it will have on overall campaign performance.

Definitely one to keep an eye on.

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